▷Safe And Beneficial Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass Coronado

What Makes Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass Safe and Beneficial In Coronado?

Safe And Beneficial Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass Coronado

Artificial Lawns can help with many health problems for both humans and pet animals. It is the perfect choice for owners of pets who want to avoid chemical treatments, complicated landscaping and worry about their pet’s safety. There are a number of reasons why artificial grass specially designed for domestic pets is so beneficial:

Low-Maintenance, Economical And Eco-Friendly

Artificial grass doesn’t require any special care, easy to install and maintain. It is a good choice when you want to save cash on lawn maintenance. The grass will stay green all year round and requires no fertilization, watering or mowing the lawn – saving you time and effort.

Pets-friendly And Safe For Children

Unlike natural grass, pet-friendly artificial grass does not contain any irritants (such as pollen or grass stains) to make your pets sick. There is no weed killer chemicals too! The surface is covered with a very fine sand, which means that it’s like walking on sand at the seaside, rather than grass. This means that it’s much safer for small children and pets to run about on because there is no chance of nasty little stones finding their way in between paws or tyres.

Stay Green All Year Round

An artificial lawn will stay green all year round with a quick clean using a hose pipe. Many pets can be allergic to natural grass because of the pollen that is released into the air during the summer months. If your pet or child has an allergy then it’s advisable to choose artificial lawns as they will not suffer from allergies. The grass will always stay green and never change colour, which means you won’t have to worry about it dying and turning brown.

No Mud, No Mess!

No matter what time of year you need to give your pet, there isn’t any of the pre-wetting needed for natural grass. This means that during the summer months, your garden will stay lovely and green, without all of the muddiness which goes along with it.

No More Brown Patches!

Grass turns brown if it doesn’t receive enough water and is often a problem during the warmer months when rain isn’t frequent. If you have natural grass, then there will be times when you need to water your lawn for days or weeks on end – at these times, this can be a real problem if you have a pet. Pets don’t always want to go outside in the rain, meaning that your garden will just be a mess of brown patches and mud.


When it comes to artificial grass for pets, there are a number of benefits which cannot be found with natural grass. For our artificial turf installation, contact Artificial Grass Coronado at (619)313-5888.