▷Care Tips For Indoor Playground Turf Coronado

5 Care Tips For Indoor Playground Turf In Coronado

Care Tips For Indoor Playground Turf Coronado

Artificial turf is a versatile, durable turf product used in both indoor and outdoor applications. Indoor playgrounds, baseball diamonds, dog parks and more are all excellent places to use artificial turf. Artificial turf requires little care but it’s important not to neglect the occasional brushing or spot cleaning of any debris build up on the surface of your turf. This will prolong the life of your turf and keep it looking great for years to come. The following are 5 easy care tips for your indoor playground turf.

Cleaning The Turf

Cleaning the turf regularly will promote healthy growth of the grass blades. Moss, algae and other fungi can cause staining on the surface of your turf if left to accumulate over time. While it is important not to damage the fibers with harsh chemicals, simple cleaner can be used to regularly clean off debris that might accumulate during everyday use.

Brushing Or Raking

Brushing or raking should be done regularly as well; this will help remove any buildup on top of the turf along with dirt and debris which may accumulate through normal use. To take proper care of your artificial play surface make sure you frequently brush or sweep up any rocks, sticks or sharp objects before they become embedded in the turf. This will help prolong the life of your artificial play surface and reduce the risk of tripping hazards.

Periodic Power Washing

Periodic power washing will keep your turf looking great. Power washing should be used periodically to remove any build up that has accumulated on top of your turf surface. Using a high-pressure washer can effectively clean off dirt, rocks or other debris without damaging the underlying synthetic fibers which make up modern artificial grass infill systems. Simply use your washer on low pressure setting if you are unsure about using high-pressure cleaners over an unfamiliar surface.

Dry It Completely

It is important to allow time for your turf to dry after power washing or cleaning with soapy water before exposing it to heavy play. While allowing infills to dry after exposure to water, it is best practice to cover them with a tarp or another shade structure. This will help keep the infills from drying out prematurely which can lead to premature degradation of your artificial play surface.

Turn Off Infill System

It is most important that you do not try to clean or power wash any part of an infilled surface without first turning off the infill system. A sand based turf requires cutting the sand off before attempting any maintenance on your synthetic grass surface. An enclosed under-structure should be inspected regularly for intrusion by sand, dirt, rocks or other debris which may have migrated into this area through use.


Careful attention paid now to correct care and cleaning procedures will ensure maximum life of your indoor playground turf and keep it looking like new for years to come. For more information, contact Artificial Grass Coronado at  (619) 313-5888.